04. Harry Potter Geo-Clock

Yer a wizard, Harry

Modeled after the famous Weasley family clock, this “Harry Potter Clock” uses geo-location and geo-fencing services to locate family and friends. With the help and support of UC Berkeley's Society of Women Engineers (SWE), I finished the project over the span of four days (hackathon-style!) and was invited to present it in a showcase at the university's Sibley Auditorium.



Hardware / Software

Particle Photon, IFTT


Four Saturdays in January 2018

Funded By

UC Berkeley Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

My Role

In a group with three other bright students, I led the team by designing the hardware interface and overseeing the programming. With only four days to slap everything together, our final product looked a little hacky... BUT, think of it as a prototype!

Presenting At Sibley Auditorium

Ultimately, we took our project all the way to Sibley Auditorium at UC Berkeley's Engineering department, braving questions from the large crowd. Here are some pictures.

We had a little slideshow that went along with it.